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Door Sets

Today’s mass-produced door sets get the job done – you can open, close and lock your doors with them. But so many lack the personality of an elegantly crafted door set from a time when quality and beauty went hand in hand. Whether you’re looking to adorn your front door, your bedroom door, garage or garden shed, Hinge has a vast inventory of door sets in a variety of styles and materials. Choose a unique Art Deco New Old Stock exterior door set in solid brass with an unusual diamond-shape knob, or a vintage brass and glass knob set with a timeless, elegant design. A chrome and glass door set brings sleek sophistication to any door, while our Victorian brass sets evoke memories of sophisticated city townhomes.

For the doors inside your home, Hinge offers salvage and New Old Stock door sets in brass, bronze and nickel with glass, porcelain, wood and even ivory bakelite knobs. Add a stylish Art Nouveau set to dining room doors or a crackel antique copper knob to a kitchen or bathroom door. Looking to go really old-school? You can find a variety of primitive door sets from hand-forged thumb latches to antique handmade steel latch sets. These simple but stunning door sets and locks in materials from cast iron to wood make a great addition to any rustic door, or you can simply display them as the works of art they are. So why settle for modern when you can take step back in time and install a unique door set that’s stood for decades and will delight you for many more?

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