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Scales and Weights

Whether you’re simply looking for an accent piece for a kitchen, office or workshop or want a quality, American-made scale for weighing any sort of item, Hinge’s wide selection of vintage and antique scales and weights has just the product for you. Choose a steelyard or counter scale complete with original hooks and weights that can measure up to 50 pounds. Maybe a vintage brass hanging balance is more your style – our selection is in great working condition. You’ll find vintage hardware scales complete with weights and scoops perfect for measuring out spices (or jelly beans!) and a 1934 Toledo scale that will bring visions of bustling pharmacies and country stores.

After you’ve picked out your favorite scale, complement it with a New Old Stock brass scale weight or a vintage set of cast iron scale weights. These solid, beautifully crafted weights are treasures on their own – use them as paperweights or display them on any shelf to add a bit of nostalgia to any room’s décor. Hinge’s unparalleled selection of antique, vintage and New Old Stock scales and weights will set any room apart and bring a smile to your face with each use. Whether fueling your personal passion with a DIY project, working on a professional installation for a client or restoring classics to their original glory, Hinge has all you need to get the job done.

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