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Window Hardware

The windows in your home do much more than offer a view of the outside world or a cool breeze. They lend character to both interior and exterior, and the right finishing touches can bring form and function together. The right hardware will complement your home’s personality and make the simple act of opening a window a pleasure. Hinge has an unparalleled variety of original, reproduction, salvage and New Old Stock pieces to accent your windows with a style all your own.

Whether you’re trying to find the right fit for an antique window or add a special personality to modern ones, our pulleys, locks and lifts can help. We offer window hardware in brass, bronze and cast iron, and even carry vintage window operators and locking fasteners for casement windows. You’ll find delicate Victorian cast iron window lifts, rugged oil-rubbed bronze window latches, weathered cast iron window locks and brass plated window stays, to name a few. These American-made, heavy-duty pieces have stood the test of time and will continue to work hard in your home. While small details such as latches and stays are often overlooked, when you install a unique piece of hardware they’re sure to get noticed.

Whether fueling your personal passion with a DIY project, working on a professional installation for a client or restoring classics to their original glory, you’re sure to find the right window hardware at Hinge to ensure that looking at your windows is as enjoyable as looking through them.

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