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Vintage Accents

If you're looking to bring the spirit of old-fashioned American history into your home, Hinge has an unparalleled selection of vintage home accents and accessories that will help you relive the days when fine craftsmanship and quality were built into everyday objects big and small. Our original, reproduction, salvage and New Old Stock pieces have stood the test of time and will add a distinctive, authentic touch to any decor.

Delight in the weight and unique style of a variety of vintage flat irons, trivets and rug beaters. Antique fluting and goffering irons evoke images of elaborate Victorian ruffles and are sure to be incredible conversation pieces. Our New Old Stock selection of Boyd glass collectibles or beautifully crafted vintage decoys will bring sparkle and charm to a room, while vintage and antique ice skates call to mind skating with friends on a crisp winter day.

Add personality to your kitchen with something from our wide collection of antique and vintage jugs, crocks and pottery, and add warmth to a bedroom with brass or wrought iron candle holders and sconces in all shapes and sizes. If you're looking for office accessories, why not add a beautifully crafted Mission style or Victorian ink well next to your laser printer? Spice up your everyday chores with something from our collection of vintage drying racks and primitive yarn winders that will make your laundry room truly unique.

We also offer a variety of firefighter and nautical collectibles and accent pieces. Whether you're looking for something big or small, antique or vintage, delicate, sophisticated or whimsical, you're sure to find something special in Hinge's exhaustive inventory of vintage accents and accessories for any room of your home.

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